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About Studio 2.0

Studio 2.0 is a one-stop designing studio for all your interior and space design needs. We strive to bring the imagination into reality and this is what drives us. At Studio 2.0 we ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled keeping in mind the functional aspect of the space we design. We help you connect yourself to the space around you. We believe imagination to be the key to success clubbed with impeccable execution. With Studio 2.0 we will turn your imagination into reality. We have interior decorators to help build a highly innovative and functional space for you. Our interior designing team is skilled at the new design for any interior from scratch.

Our Process







Concept & Design

Furniture Designing

Space Optimization

House Remodeling

Our Quality Guarantee

  • We provide one free-of-cost service visit to the site within 6 months of the handover. This is put in place to address routine services which cover moving parts like hinges, channels etc.

  • Our Care team will contact you to schedule the visit. The service addresses issues like minor alignment, loose parts etc. It also covers a general alignment check of all shutters, lofts, the functioning of drawers and all accessories, and any additional concealed wiring needs for the TV console.

  • Since by design, the products have a lot of moving parts, our product may need occasional re-alignments and servicing.

  • During this visit, if an item is found to be faulty, the same will be replaced with the item cost chargeable and no service charge.

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